Choosing a wedding photographer can be a big decision for you to make. With so many things to think about I know that we might not be right for each other, and thats ok. I understand if my approach and style is not for everyone.

I have found that I have been blessed with working with couples that have “the right fit”. This chemistry is so important to finding wedding vendors for your wedding day. It is such a gift, when my couples are able to connect with me as we share the same core values about life and love.

My couples have all been extremely kind, compassionate, creative, and love each other fiercely. They tend to love travel and European culture and values such as; family, family, and a passion for life. My couples love some traditions on their wedding day, but also will make their wedding unique.

I provide my clients with more than just photos, I provide them with an experience.  I am completely invested in each of my couples, from the very initial meeting, to the wedding day and beyond. I see our relationship as more than just clients, but as a long term relationship and friendship. 

I like to give each couple my undivided attention, service and help, whether its an engagement session or a wedding. I take limited amount of weddings each year, so that I can provide this experience.  

When I meet my couples for their engaged session and wedding, I want them to feel relaxed and at ease in front of my camera, so that they will get the best images possible.

This is why an engagement session and face to face meetings are so important. I want you to feel like I am another friend at your wedding not just stranger with a camera.

My vision for them is capture their wedding exactly how they see it (and feel it): full of love, emotions and joy. So if you love love, love family and take pleasure in the small things in life, I might just be the photographer for you.

I want to be that special friend to couples who trust me with their wedding photography, and who will not judge me for crying during their ceremony. I understand it’s not easy, being in front of the camera, but let me take care of that. My main goal is for you to have a great time and get lovely photos of your wedding day!

I believe that life is better in colour.


I believe that my couples deserve nothing less than the best experience that will be as memorable as their images.  

I believe great photography is make you smile, laugh and cry.

I believe that couples should always have their photo taken professionally at least once and they should feel confident and loved while doing it. 

Every couple has a wonderful story and I’d love to tell yours.

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