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What Is The Importance Of An Engagement Session?

The engagement photo session is one of my favourite parts of my time with you both, as it gives both of you time to be in front of my camera before your wedding day. This will help your wedding day experience feel relaxed, run smoothly and you both will be comfortable. The other bonus is that together we get to create something special for you. Once you are married, you will begin a great journey that will last decades, but you will only be engage for this short time. This will be the short time where you can call each other fiancés and just enjoy being engage. 

What Is An Engagement Photo Session?

An engagement session is photography session of you and your future spouse. Sometime engagement sessions have another purpose than just beautiful images, such as being incorporated into wedding website, or to display at your wedding reception table where guests can write messages.Engagement sessions help you practice being in front of the camera, which will help reduce any stress or anxiety of being photographed by a professional photographer. When all is said and done, an engagement photography session improves and refines your wedding day photography.

Since I work with natural light I believe that the sun, its reflections and ambient light, is the foundation for my photography style, which is vibrant, fresh and colourful, a true tribute to you as a couple. Engagement sessions are best when the sun is the softest, right around sunrise and around sunset. I begin all engagement photography sessions about two houses before the sun is scheduled to set. This gives us plenty of time for our photo session. I typically like to spend at least 2 hours with couples to get the most out of an engagement session.  

Why Is An Engagement Photography Session Important?

Since many people can go through life without ever having their picture taken professionally, it can be pretty nerve racking to have to be the main subject with a camera and a big lens clicking away. By having an engagement session, you can practice being in front of the camera and can work through all of these nerves and anxiety before your wedding day. It is very common for people to be uncomfortable and shy in front of the camera for the first time. 

What Is The Purpose Of An Engagement Photo Session?

The purpose of an engagement photo session varies. Besides getting beautiful photos out of it, you also get an idea of what is would be like working with a professional photographer and being in front of the camera. 

How To Prepare For The Engagement Photo Shoot?

Being prepared for your engagement shoot is a relatively easy task.

Discuss with your photographer certain important points for being prepared for your engagement session such as:

  • Location types

  • Best time of day for photos and lighting

  • Engagement photography style 

  • Themes (such as if you want a playful engagement photoshoot, or an outdoorsy mountain theme)

  • Outfits to wear for your engagement shoot.

I include engagement photo session in most of my packages as I love photographing couples at this exciting point of their relationship. 


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