More about Lisa Lander wedding Photography

I specialize in intimate and relaxed weddings for carefree and joyful, in-love couples who want to celebrate their day in a unique and relaxed fashion.

My photography style combines a lifestyle approach with a love for candid and romantic moments to create colourful, bright and genuine images. I consider myself a natural light, creative fine art photographer, as my work tends to have a colourful and light look. I love to capture bright photographs that have a romantic and colourful feel to them

I have a very simple and creative style when working as a wedding photographer. My images are mostly photographed with a shallow depth of field that offers a more artistic & brighter feel to them.  Bride and groom portraits are among my favourite, especially among a beautiful landscape for a backdrop.  

My love with photography started years ago while in high school, and kept growing.  I started off shooting on a film camera before switching to digital. When I am not photographing couples, I love to spend time with my husband and daughter. My love for travel and meeting new people has made wedding photography a natural career path for me to follow. I am happiest with the people that make me laugh. I am nothing if not eclectic!

My Philosophy

I’m not your conventional wedding vendor; I believe in making your own rules and celebrating your wedding in your own unique way. I believe in authenticity. By nature I’m friendly, I laugh lots, I love conversations, I bond with people quickly so I frequently get mistaken for a wedding guest with an amazing camera.

My main goal is to capture my couple’s wedding photographs with all the energy, excitement, suspense and emotion to provide them with memories for years to come. I pride myself on providing an excellent customer experience for my clients and I am completely invested in each of her couples, from the very initial meeting, to the wedding day and beyond.

Let’s cut to the chase, whatever type of wedding you are planning, I want to hear about it. Your wedding is unique, and if you tell me there is going to be an epic dance party between families then I will be front and centre. If you tell me you are going to have a “make your own confetti bar” I will be the first inline with camera in hand. I love to hear about unique and special wedding plans and would be honoured with capturing your special day!

I want to be that special friend to couples who trust me with their wedding photography, and who will not judge me for crying during their ceremony. I understand it’s not easy, being in front of the camera, but let me take care of that. My main goal is for you to have a great time and get lovely photos of your wedding day!

Every couple I work is different and unique, and it’s important for me to capture that. Official family photos certainly have their place but they go well alongside a ton of happy, colourful and natural photos of you both.

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