More than just your wedding photographer

Your Wedding Planner, Cheerleader And Friend

When you book with me, you get so much more than a wedding photographer. I am the wedding planner that helps you with your wedding timeline from before you get in your dress to well into the wedding reception. I am there when you dress needs fluffing, your hair has strays and I might just have an extra pair of ballet shoes when your feet are raw from your wedding day shoes. I share everything I have learned from photographing all my couples, especially with what works well, and what didn’t. I am there to help you and give as much guidance as you need to make your wedding day truly and authentically you. I am there to help design, plan and photograph the full story of your wedding day.

Why Do I Dedicate So Much Effort And Time To Photographing Your Wedding?

It’s simple. On your wedding day, when timing, location and the light are just right, thats when we (you two and I) create beautiful imagery that does your love story justice. My goal is to capture my couple’s wedding photographs with all the energy, excitement, suspense and emotion to provide them with memories for years to come. I pride myself on providing an excellent customer experience for her clients and is completely invested in each of her couples, from the very initial meeting, to the wedding day and beyond. I endeavour to tell my couples story in a creative & unique fashion.