Julia and Aaron’s Vancouver Engagement Photography Session

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Vancouver Engagement Session


Julia and Aaron met with me in Jan of 2018. Right away, I noticed how in-love these two were. Aaron told me how he proposed to Julia, and it was such a romantic story. Aaron described in detail how he these two got engaged.

“We were staying at the Kingfisher spa, and unbeknownst to Julia, I had prepared with the staff in advance to deliver at the end of the spa; the ring and flowers at the end of the winding cavern. At first when I told her the flowers were hers, she didn't believe me and said they belong to the spa, and then I got down on one knee and she yelped and jumped backwards in surprise, then said yes!”

Aaron also described what their first date was like “It was quite long! We spent half a day together walking around parks (from English bay to Yaletown), talking about various things. We sat down for lunch and Julia didn't eat anything but insisted that I did, that made me pretty nervous. Turned out ok though”

We ended up having their engagement photos done on two separate days in Vancouver. I wanted to get them just right. We went to several different places that are popular locations for engagement photos in Vancouver including Granville Island and Jericho Beach.

Granville Island is peninsula and popular shopping district in Vancouver. It is close to False Creek and is under the Granville Street Bridge.

Jericho Beach is another popular spot in Vancouver for couples to hang out, either on a first date or for their engagement photos. The beach itself makes up part of this location, and is part of Jericho Beach Park. There are walking paths, concession stands and even ponds.

The goal of the session was to capture the soul of these two as a couple, you can see the love and happiness in their engagement photos.

I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in August at Vancouver Botanical Gardens at UBC.



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