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Wedding Photography Info Guide: How to find the best wedding photographer near you

I made this guide to help walk you through how to find a wedding photographer near you. Along with how to compare prices & quality along with photography style, location of your wedding and date of your wedding.  I have also included some photography tips when you find a wedding photographer near you that you love.

If you manage to make it through this guy (keep on scrolling) you will find some useful resources including timeline planning, family photo checklist and more.

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My best advice on finding a local wedding photographer near you


Choosing your wedding photographer

Your wedding day is something to celebrate, you are marrying your love in-front of many of your close friends and family. This day needs to be documented, every emotion, every moment and all your guests you shared it with.

Choosing a photographer to document this day for you can be difficult, so here are some tips on how to do it. 

Look at style not just location

Each photographer has a certain style. For example mine is colourful, clean and joyful. Choose a wedding photography style that you love, even if you have to get them to travel a little. It will be worth it to find a photographer (hopefully near you) who’s style you LOVE.

Look for a wedding photographer near you with personality

Your wedding photographer is one of the vendors that you will be spend a good part of your day with. Make sure that you click with them. If your wedding photographer doesn’t have the right personality to fit you, it will show in your wedding photos.

What good is it to find a wedding photographer that is near you only to find that your personalities don’t click. Trust me, it will be better if you find a wedding photographer that you click with and has a great personality.

Look for a wedding photographer near you within your budget

I know that hiring a wedding photographer can be expensive, but you don’t want to pick just any photographer just because they offer you the lowest price. There are plenty of photographers out there who offer affordable packages and great photography services. Your wedding photos are the one thing that lasts for years to come. There is a difference between cheap wedding photography and affordable wedding photography.

Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is a process: it evolves and takes time.

Every couple has to balance their needs versus wants, but it allows each couple to create a wedding that is uniquely their own. With every wedding, there's a balance between what the couple wants and what the family members expect. This is important in regards to your wedding photos, and we discuss this right from here till the final meeting before your wedding. As a wedding photographer with a documentary style, I tell your day as it unfolds, and all the moments in between. Your wedding photos tell the story of your day as well the emotions that you felt that day.

So why is this so important?

If this means that family photos are an essential part of the day for you, then finding a location that can withstand the weather and that all the family members are present. If details are important to you, then the venues need to be aware to set them up early.  We must also schedule a time for us to shoot the details before anyone gains access to these venues locations.  If super-relaxed and laid back candid photos of you and your loved ones are what you want then I want make sure that you schedule your wedding day to be more relaxed and laid back.


Engagement Photo Session Details


Included with all wedding packages

£125 on its own

I love photographing engagement sessions as there is nothing like capturing a couple, deeply in love & about to be married. Your engagement is a huge step from dating and is the bridging period before your marriage.

You are going to be married for fifty years, but you are only engaged this short time in your life. This time needs to be captured.

An engagement photo session gives you both a chance to be in front of the cameras before your wedding day, which is going to make your wedding day experience feel so relaxed, seamless and comfortable. A engagement session is the perfect way for us to get to know each other and the best part is we get to create some amazing and beautiful images together.

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Here’s the subject that can be somewhat intimidating! The TIMELINE! I know this isn’t the most exciting aspect of the wedding day, but this is the one thing that can make or break your photography.

Since most of my couples choose to do a first look, I included both a first look timeline and a traditional timeline without a first look. Remember that all wedding days are different, and your timeline may differ due to travel times and unique situations.

The timeline is critical to ensure that your wedding day goes smoothly and you can maximize your wedding day photography coverage.


1:30 - 2:00  Primary Photographer Photographs Bride’s Details

Primary Photographer Photographs Hair & Makeup

2:00 - 3:-00  Primary Photographer Photographs Bride Getting Into Dress

                          Second Photographer Photographs Groom & Groomsmen Getting on Ties & Coats

2:45 - 3:00      Bridal Portraits

3:00 - 3:15       Bride With Bridesmaids

3:15 - 3:30       Bride with Her Family

3:45 - 4:00       Bride & Groom Hide, Rest & Retouch - Photograph Ceremony Decor

4:00 - 4:30      Wedding Ceremony

4:30 - 5:00      Immediate Family Photos           

 5:00 - 5:30     Bridal Party Photos

5:30 - 6:00     Husband & Wife Sunset Portraits 

6:00            SUNSET 

6:00 - 6:30     Bride & Groom Join Cocktail Hour - Photograph Guests & Reception Decor

6:30 - 6:45    Couples Enter Reception Area

6:45 - 7:00 Wedding Couple, Bridal Party & Family Grand Entrance

7:00 - 7:30 Toasts & Dinner Is Served

7:30 - 8:00 First Dance & Family Dance

8:00-9:00 Dance Floor Opens Up




Wedding Family formal Photos | A Checklist for you & Your Photographer

Every wedding will have a detailed wedding timeline that you planned. Included in this timeline are your wedding family formal portraits. Wedding photographers will discuss with you exactly how to plan for this, included family list, time required and location options.

For us, wedding photographers, we know how important family photos are. Therefore it is important to plan your timeline with your family in mind. Below is a simple list to help with your family photos.

  • Bride & Groom w/ Brides Parents

  • Bride & Groom w/ Grooms Parents

  • Bride & Groom w/ Both Parents

  • Bride & Groom w/ Bridal party

  • Bride on her own w/ Bridesmaids

  • Groom on his own w/ Groomsmen

Pro Tip: have someone in your wedding party or a close family member assigned to help organize groupings for family formal portraits. This will ensure that no one gets left out, as your photographer will not know all of your family members by name. Your group shots will be much more efficient and painless if you have your groups are ready and waiting to be photographed.

How long for group photographs on the wedding day?

I recommend 30-45 minutes for bridal party photos (this will depend on how big your bridal party is) and about 30 minutes for family photos. I recommend about 3-4 minutes per grouping as an estimate.

Need more recommendations: Read Our Blog On WEDDING DAY FAMILY FORMALS




The In’s & Out’s Of Wedding Day First Looks

Your first look  is an amazing part of your wedding day!  If you aren’t sure about this tradition, the next few paragraphs will explain why it would be a romantic addition to your wedding day celebration that not only adds to the experience but also reduces stress.  This is my opinion and I never want my couples to feel pressured.  However, I do want to make sure that we share all of the benefits of a first look, because there is a reason 90% of my couples do this and LOVE it!  

So why do a First Looks if what you want is a reaction?

Well the irony is that the reactions and emotions doesn’t diminish if you have a first look. I have witnessed that the emotions are still there just as the reactions are. I find that a first look gives you more time to just be together without 150 faces looking, waiting for that reaction. 

Let’s imagine for a minute, your wedding day is already going to be stressful, when the nerves start creeping up, instead of keeping the groom in a secluded space until his time to enter the ceremony, what if you took him to a private place (no people, no on-lookers, no distractions) and you let his beautiful bride, the love of his life, quietly call his name and have him turn around to see her for the first time.  

He would turn around and finally get his first look at his stunning bride and not only would he get to see her… he could embrace her… cry with her…. kiss her… and ENJOY that moment with her for as LONG as they wanted. 

As she shows him her dress, twirls a few times and then asks him what he thinks… his nerves start to diminish. After all, she’s the one who can make him most comfortable anyway. Because they aren’t on a time crunch, they casually move into their romantic portraits.

No one is around, the coordinator isn’t announcing “15 minutes left”, there isn’t 150 faces looking at both of you, and there is no pressure.

It’s just the two of them and their photographer capturing the excitement and the joy of their wedding day. This is their time to be TOGETHER… and to be ALONE. 

When does that happen on a wedding day?

Without a First Look…  It doesn’t. 

After their romantic portraits are done, they meet up with their best friends.  Their bridal party joins them and because they still have plenty of time to spare. The bride touches up a little makeup while the boys act like boys. 

After a few minutes the bridal party portraits begin and they’re FUN. They’re FUN, because there is time to make them FUN. There aren’t any guests waiting impatiently at the cocktail hour and there isn’t a DJ coming to find the photographer to get a time check.  It’s wonderful!  

After portraits are done, the girls and guys separate and prepare for the ceremony.  The guests begin to arrive and the ushers are in place. Pretty soon it’s time for the processional music to begin and one by one, the bridesmaids make their way down to the front of the ceremony.  

As the groom clasps his hands… they aren’t clasped out of nervousness but excitement.  The music builds, the mother of the bride stands and all of the guests follow her lead.

The groom looks up, and here comes the BRIDE!!! His best friend, his companion, his sweetheart. And she’s ABSOLUTELY stunning.  The closer she gets, the bigger he smiles.

Now let me put a disclaimer on here before we continue…our clients are not required to do a First Look by any means! We used to feel bad for sharing this option with couples who were against it, because we didn’t want to push anything on them. However, we’ve seen the benefits of a first look over and over again, and so we only share this because we want the BEST for our couples!! 

It’s totally ok if couples choose not to share a first look!  It’s just our preference to do one for many reasons.

For brides not interested in a First Look, we have included a wedding timeline template that is packed full of suggestions to make the most out of your special day. 


The Bridal Details


The whole day begins with the DETAILS! This is one of my favourite parts of the wedding day, because it allows us to prepare and get my creative side warmed up for the rest of the day! I photograph a bride’s details in a way that matches and showcases the style of the entire wedding day. So, in some ways, the details set the stage for the look of the whole wedding. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the most common wedding details I photograph. I ask couples to gather any details they have before we arrive, say hello, then begin with all the little details!

Important Items to bring to the bridal prep location

  • dress

  • veil/or any hair pieces

  • all three rings and ring boxes

  • flowers, bouquets and buttonholes

  • jewelry

  • perfume

  • invitation suite

  • something borrowed something blue

    If possible, collect all of your details before I arrive so that I can begin quickly and have more time for some “getting ready” shots of you!


2019/2020 Wedding Photography Investment

Deluxe package - 10 hours

Within the UK £1195

Includes wedding prep from 2 hours before the ceremony right up to the party on the dance floor.

Perfect for couples who would want the full coverage for their wedding including preparation details, ceremony details and reception and sparkler exit or send off.

  • 2 Photographers

  • 600-700 edited high resolution photos on a USB

  • Complementary Engagement Session 

  • All Local Travel Costs Within The UK

  • Consultations, Unlimited Correspondence

  • Online Gallery

  • Location Scouting

  • Wedding Guide - Planning Tips

  • Personal Usage Rights to Print and Share Images

  • A Few Surprises Along the Way!

essential digital package - 8 hours

Within the UK £995

Includes wedding prep from 2 hours before the ceremony right up to the first dance and includes, ceremony, cocktails, family & friends portraits, first look, couples portraits and reception until the first dance.

Perfect for couples who would want the full coverage for their wedding including preparation details, ceremony details and reception details.

  • 2 Photographers

  • 500-600 edited high resolution photos on a USB

  • Complementary Engagement Session 

  • All Local Travel Costs Within The UK

  • Consultations, Unlimited Correspondence

  • Online Gallery

  • Location Scouting

  • Wedding Guide - Planning Tips

  • Personal Usage Rights to Print and Share Images

  • A Few Surprises Along the Way!

sweet & simple - 6 hours

Within the UK £795

Includes wedding prep from 1 hour before the ceremony to 30 minutes after the start of the cocktails and includes: bridal preparation, ceremony, family & friends portraits, first look, couples portraits and cocktail.

  • 1 Photographer

  • 350 + High Resolution Images on a USB

  • Complementary Engagement Session 

  • All Local Travel Costs Within The UK

  • Consultations, Unlimited Correspondence

  • Online Gallery

  • Location Scouting

  • Wedding Guide - Planning Tips

  • Personal Usage Rights to Print and Share Images

  • A Few Surprises Along the Way!



20180616-untitled-9747 copy-1.jpg

After the wedding: what to expect

Congrats! You are now married! Time to board that plan and get ready for some serious honeymooning. Here’s what will happen while you are away with your honey.

1. download and back up the photos

Immediately after your wedding we will download and back up your photos.

2. Cull images

Then we will go through all the images and choose the selected ones we will edit. This is called culling. Culling means taking out the test shots, the blurry shots, and any photos that don’t meet our criteria for being a quality wedding image. We don’t hold back on providing you with the photos, we promise you’ll get all the great ones!

3. Editing the images

We start editing the images immediately after culling. We correct color, cropping, and temperature of all photos. We prioritize that all couples get a sneak peek of selected pictures within 48 hours of their wedding day so they can share with their friends and family. Our focus is to get your complete gallery to you within 3-4 weeks.

4. Gallery is ready

You will be notified via email when your entire gallery is complete with instructions on how to access your high-resolution images. This gallery is available for 1-year after your wedding date.

5. prints & products.

From here you can print the photos yourself or have us do it for you. If you have ordered any other products like albums, canvas or usb’s these are typically delivered in 4-12 weeks depending on the printing or product source.

wedding photography Faq’s

How far in advance do you book?

Most couples typically book us about 9-15 months in advance. Shoot us an email at any point to check our availability.

Can you book the consultation?

Yes, you can book us upon our consult meeting, but it is not mandatory. Remember, that a consult does not secure your wedding date. The only thing that will secure your wedding date is a signed contract and a retainer. We suggest that you research your photography options then book consults close to the time when you are ready to book your photographer.

How many pictures will I get?

On average a full day wedding with both of us photographing will yield around 600-700 images. An engagement photo session will produce around 50-70 images, depending on the length of the engagement session. Please remember that the number of photos you will receive will depend on several variables: how long we have for photos, the number of details we will capture, travel time, and how agreeable your guests are to have their picture taken during candid moments.

Can I see more photos from our day?

We cannot open or re-cull images from achieves after they are closed. After your wedding, we go through the pictures thoroughly.  We remove the blurry shots, test shots, unflattering shots, and any unnecessary duplicate images. We give you all the beautiful images and don’t hold anything back that is good. We don’t cull to meet a specific image number, so every image that meets our high standards.

How many photos do I get?

You will get 50-65 photos edit photos per hour of shooting. That’s about 500-650 photos in total. (that’s about one photo per minute, which is A LOT of photos). The number of photos depends on many things like timing, amount of action and travel time, but we never hold back any great images.

What is your style? 

Our style is a mixture of documentary wedding photography meets lifestyle. About 90% of the time we let the day unfold naturally, and we capture creative & candid photos. We do add some artistic and creative touches to the couple’s portraits and overall approach to the day. We don’t ask you do any awkward posing and we don’t work off of a shot list except for family photos.

How do you deal with couples feeling “awkward” couples during photos?

Almost everyone describes themselves as awkward in front of the camera, so it’s normal to feel weird about having a photographer around snapping photos. We will help you through your portrait session, so you don’t feel nervous or awkward in front of the camera.

What is your turnaround time?

Typically our turnaround time is 3-4 weeks for weddings and 7-10 days for engagement photos.

Can I have the Raw files?

The raw files, or digital negatives, aren’t available for viewing or purchasing.  

Do we get the copyrights of our wedding images?

The high-resolution images that you receive are yours to print, share and give to family and friends. We retain the copyright of all the photos we take.

How much is the retainer and when is the balance due?

A £200 retainer is needed, with a signed contract, to book & hold your wedding day exclusively. The balance is due 30 days before your wedding day. We offer payment plans to help.  

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept bank transfer and credit card via online payment portal.

Can we customize our package?

We are open to customizing packages if you need more or less coverage than our current packages have.