A Day With A Macro Lens In Queen Elizabeth Park


I was talking to a fellow wedding photographer that I work with and I was surprised to discover that he has never owned or used a macro lens for any of his detail shots. I had recently rented one for my Nikon D850 and I was instantly in love. I purchased one almost immediately. 

I own the Nikon 105mm F 2.8

Queen Elizabeth park macro lens photo, flowers, ferns and plants

This lens is super sharp and provides clear crisp detail photos. The lens also doubles as a portrait lens as it has the longer focal length with compression and has very little distortion.  

Below are some photographs that I took at Queen Elizabeth Park. 

queen Elizabeth park engagement flowers photography shoot Vancouver

I had frequently visited the park for wedding and engagement photos, but I have not explored the park in this fashion before. 

spiders macro lens queen Elizabeth park Vancouver

In June, Queen Elizabeth Park boasts a beautiful array of flowers, trees and views. There was also some wildlife, from spiders, to owls. 

queen Elizabeth park Vancouver owls engagement photography wedding photographer

And just for the sake of it, what would a wedding blog be without at least one ring shot? 

Wedding ring photograph queen Elizabeth park Vancouver engagement session