Worried About Rain On Your Wedding? | Make The Most of Your wedding Day Photos.

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What happens if it looks like rain on your wedding day? When couples decided to have an outdoor wedding, they normally have to take into account the weather. Not the kind of rain that comes in quickly and stops quickly, but the type of rain and clouds that sets upon the city it gets trapped by the mountain ranges. What results is an overcast cloud that starts drizzling and then turns to rain showers that could last days, spotted with small reprieves of breaks in the clouds during the rainy months.

Shooting weddings in the UK comes with this type of weather, so as we have learned to adapt and want to share with you how to prepare for rain your wedding day

Since this is the weather reality for our region, couples should prepare and consider their options for rain on a wedding day. 

what happens if it rains on your wedding day

1) Plan for 100% chance of rain on your wedding day

Most brides spend days if not weeks planning for their weddings.  The timeline is done, the flowers are planned, the little details are all thought out. After photographing weddings for several years, the one thing you realize early on, is that weather can be a big concern, especially if it is an outdoor wedding. Having a Plan B or backup plan can help reduce any stress so you can enjoy one of the best days of your life, no matter what the weather.

what to do if it rains on your wedding day in Vancouver. Bring an umbrella to help make your wedding photos creative.

2) Keep your guests in the loop

Your guests might not be as prepared for your wedding if it rains. It is important to include a note on your invitation on any alternative plans for your wedding. This is especially helpful if you are getting married in one of the more “rainy” months. 

3) Be practical about hair and makeup

When thinking about your planning your wedding makeup and hair, take into account the weather. Rain-proof your wedding make-up and hair.  Discuss with your make up artist and hairstylist about what they can do to make sure your make up and hair can stand up to the weather. Primers, and non-water based foundations are just a few of the suggestions.  Another recommendation is to have a touch-up kit to touch up make-up.

4) Rent a tent or have a back up option. 

If your wedding venue doesn’t have an outdoor option, discuss with them about renting a tent or marquee. This will provide a nice outdoor feeling, while providing you protection from the rain. This is a great way to stay dry and warm while getting some gorgeous wedding photos. Make sure you communicate with your wedding photographer about your indoor photo options. 

5) Consider adjusting your wedding day timeline

Sometime preparing to have extra time in your wedding day timeline can be a blessing. Consider moving portraits to a later time when there are breaks in the weather. Half an hour can sometimes mean the difference between a downpour and cloudy skies with the sun popping though. 

6) Use rain for creative wedding photos

This can be a short, but very creative photo session in the rain. If the rain doesn’t stop then take the risk to get a little wet for some epic and creative photos. Your wedding photographer will take care of location and setting up all the photos, all you have to do is show up, relax and look amazing!

7) Think about handing out umbrellas or blankets

Get creative, if you know that the forecast is looking like rain on your wedding day hand out umbrellas to your guests. You can get creative here and decided if you want to incorporate your wedding colours. Either way you can then use the umbrellas for some creative wedding photos.

8)Take advantage of cloud cover

Another good thing that comes with rain, is the clouds. Clouds provide a diffused light source. Most cameras can easily handle the lighting conditions, so don’t worry about it being to dark. Photographers love the diffused light that come with cloud cover as there are less harsh shadows, so be prepared for a short rain session.

couple walking in the rain on their destination engagement session with a clear umbrella

Why does rain make for one-of-a-kind wedding photos?

1) Creative rain photos why do the same wedding day photos as everyone else. 

2) Rain on your wedding day makes rainbows

3) Rain gives you an extra excuse to cuddle

4) Rain creates a romantic atmosphere.