Vancouver Cat Catfé Visit and Photo Session

Visit to Vancouver's Catfe - A Change from Wedding and engagement Photography

As a long time Vancouver resident, I have only had the chance to visit the Catfé only once since its opening in December of 2015. The Catfé is located on the second level of the International Village, on West Pender, Vancouver. From the time of announcing its opening, The Catfé has created buzz and excitement along cat lovers from Vancouver to Langley to Squamish.

What is the Vancouver Catfe?

 The Catfé is Vancouver’s first and only Cat Café. Cat themed café’s are not a new idea and have thrived successfully in other cities around the world, such as Tokyo, Paris and London. The Catfé works in partnership with the BC SPCA around the province and brings together cats from all parts of the province in this café in Vancouver. At any given time the Catfé houses between 8-12 cats and allows the cats to interact with Vancouver residents in calm café environment. The Catfé  offers full cafe style services and serves different snacks and beverages, warm and cold.

During this recent trip, I brought my husband and 12-year-old daughter and were surprised with a chocolate cat shaped topping on our hot chocolates.


What does the Catfé offer?

The Catfé sells all sorts of cat themed goodies from socks, to mugs, pins and more.  The Catfé works in partnership with the BC SPCA to raise awareness around cats and run programs that help reduce overpopulation and increase cat welfare. All cats are available for adoption and have a posted bio on the wall. Most of which were pending adoption, during our visit. To this date the Catfé has helped over 400 cats find their forever homes. In fact, that seems to be the problem, there’s not enough supply of cats to satisfy the need in Vancouver. Not everyone that visits is essentially looking for to adopt. There was a couple there who told us that they come regularly as they rent a condo and there is a strict no pet rule in their building, as there is with many Vancouver rentals. The Catfé provides an outlet for these Vancouver and Lower Mainland individuals who are just looking for some cat cuddles and playing.


According to the Catfé and the SPCA there is not notes on how Sia lost her front leg. She was completely at easy and enjoyed the attention and resting with her fellow felines. 


The star of the show seemed to be the little kitten Owl. This little black cat is less than a year old and had fun playing and getting into people’s purse’s while she thought no one was watching. 

To learn more about the Catfé check out their website, or facebook page