wedding photographer prices

Choosing a wedding photographer can be stressful, then you have to consider their packages and pricing. Booking your wedding photographer is one of the most important tasks you when planning your wedding, so do your homework and research the cost and prices.

What is the average cost of wedding photography in the UK?

There are many reports and articles talking about the average price of wedding photography in the UK, such as this one from Your Perfect Wedding Photographer.

The average cost for a wedding photographer in the UK was around the £1500 mark, slightly down from the previous years. These are averages among wedding photographers all over the country and with varying photography experience.

wedding photographer prices

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

There’s not perfect answer, but what it all comes down to is time and money.

Photographing weddings is time consuming and expensive. Hidden business costs, post wedding editing, emailing back and forth, all of this is on-top of the time you actually spend photographing the wedding day. A full wedding can be anywhere from 30-50 hours of work in total, including editing, meetings and album designing.

Why are wedding photographers so different in price?

There are many variables that influence different photographer’s prices and cost of doing business. Some wedding photographers offer smaller packages, with limited post-processing and products. This really is up to individual photographers to set their prices.

Some photographers work full-time and offer more products, which would make them more expensive than someone just starting out, building their portfolio with limited products.

There are many factors than can influence cost that wedding photographers charge:

  • Packages offered by the photographer

  • Length of time they are needed on the day

  • Travel expenses

  • Time of the Week

  • Region or location of wedding

wedding photographer prices

Lisa Lander Wedding Photography Prices

Event based wedding photography allows you too relax and focus more on each other and the joy of marrying your best friend.


Half Day Coverage


up to 6 hours

2 Photographers

Online Gallery Of + 300 Images

Travel upto 100 miles

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Full Day Coverage


Up to 12 hours

2 Photographers

Online Gallery Of + 500 Images

Travel upto 100 miles

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All wedding Photography Packages Include:



Photos are given to you at no additional cost for you to print and share as you see fit. Images can also be provided on a USB if you wish for a small fee.


Payments can be made with either credit card or visa debt. Cash and bank transfer are also available.


Multiple resources are provided to help plan your timeline, budget tips and other wedding resources. Unlimited email support is also provided. We am here to help!



We likes to meet with couples to discuss their wedding day plans, either in-person, or via Skype. This provides you a chance to get to know me and to talk about your wedding photography needs.


A password protected gallery allows you to preview and share photos with your friends and family.


All images are color corrected, tone and tint corrected and cropped. Light retouching of blemishes and skin is included.


Commonly Asked Questions About

Wedding Photography Pricing

wedding photographer pricing

Is price a good indicator of the quality of a wedding photographer?

Price is not always a good indicator of quality of a wedding photographer, it is just part of the story.

Some wedding photographers could charge a lot in their first few years, but still be relatively new to the industry and technical side of photography. I would research any potential photographer to get an idea of their photography style, cost, personality and such.

How much should I spend on a wedding photographer?

This is ultimately up to you and what your goal and budget are for your wedding.

Figure out what your budget is, how important wedding photography is to you and then start researching photographers near you. Ultimately wedding photography prices vary because of skill, experience, demand, popularity and items in the packages.

wedding photography prices common asked questions

What is included in a wedding photography package?

The most popular packages include full wedding day coverage with Lisa Lander, a second photographer, an engagement session, approximately 800-1000 high resolution wedding photos delivered through an online gallery and prints.

The most common question we get regarding wedding packages is …“ How many hours of coverage do I need”?

Since most couples have not even gotten to their wedding timeline planning, they do not always have an idea of the number of hours required. We decided early on that all our packages would be event-based, not hourly. 

 It is normal for most couples to book a wedding photographer as second or third vendor, and therefore don’t have enough information to correctly guess how many hours they need. Rather than limiting your photography coverage to exact hours, I base it on the coverage of your wedding days event as it unfolds. This will prevent you from having to try to squeeze all of your wedding day timeline into a hourly package, which might cost you overtime and stress.

By offering custom packages geared towards events this allows you to choose the correct package for your needs.  This will reduce any stress that might come with worrying about your wedding budget and will allow you to relax and enjoy your day!

To sum it up, the wedding day packages we offer are:

  • Very flexible to your wedding coverage needs

  • Reduces stress and costs associated with hourly-based packages

  • Reduces costs and allows you to stay within your budget 

If you are looking for an hourly different Photo package don’t hesitate to email us. 

*Wedding photography prices and packages are subject to slight variations depending on location, day of your wedding, time of year, and length of wedding coverage needed, which is why it is best to contact me to discuss your photography needs.