the Wedding Photography experience

Congrats, You’re Engaged!

IT’S HAPPENING. The wedding planning process has started and where do you even begin? You are probably super excited and maybe a little bit overwhelmed.  A lot of time goes into creating your dream wedding, it’s A LOT of work! But it doesn’t have to be scary or hard, I promise! It should be the happiest — and one of the most fun — days of your life so far! 

My name is Lisa and along with my husband Wade, we make up Lisa Lander Photography. As we have recently been through a wedding ourselves, we know first hand how important it is to have a great experience and relationship with your wedding photographer.

We’re passionate about PEOPLE & RELATIONSHIPS and our clients refer to us as their friends more often than just another wedding vendor. We made it our mission to help serve our couples by providing them with an experience far bigger than their wedding and by helping in any way we can. 

And while we haven’t quite figured out how to keep the rain away from an outdoor ceremony, rest assured that we’ll do whatever we can to make your day run as smooth and seamless as possible while still giving you beautiful photos.


Our Approach For Photographing Your Wedding

Our approach to photographing your wedding is simple, we are there to capture your story as it unfolds.  

We want you to look back on your wedding day and remember not only the details but how it made you both feel. We want for you to go into your wedding day with full confidence that your day will be captured exactly how it happened. Every couple is unique and is a chance for us to share our passion for natural, joyful and vibrant imagery.

Our Priorities & Areas Of Focus

Focus On Emotions & Real Moments

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We focus on the emotions on the wedding day: you, your significant other, your families & your guests. From the tear, that rolls down your father's cheek as he gives you away, to the anticipation of the little ones included in your day, to the look of love and joy as you both final tie the knot in front of everyone you love.  We want to capture your love’s story including the laughter, tears and passionate moments.

Focus On You As A Couple Through Natural Posing


Most couples have not used to being in front of a camera, myself and my husband included. It can be nerve-wracking and awkward to have to hold a kiss or pose for what feels like hours so that the photographer can capture a specific image. We capture moments as they happen, as well as provide just enough direction to make you feel comfortable to create natural and amazing wedding and engagement images.


Focus On Having Fun

Even though we are there to take your wedding photos, we like to take some time and have some fun with both of you and your families on your wedding day. We can capture a funny, or creative moment that happens in between those bigger moments. While we are busy snapping away on our cameras (yes we both carry two), we'll document and challenging you to be a little silly or ridiculous in these moments.